Perfect Competition

“A free multiplayer online business strategy game

The game play features business administration, finance, accounting,
 marketing, human resource management, real estate, networking,
 negotiations and deals, company and contract law, business ethics,
 macroeconomics, compound stock earnings, microeconomics, and non-cooperative game theory. You compete for everything following the laws and rules of familiar cultures – corporate, financial, social. You earn the resources and then apply them just as in the real world of business. Invest in an enterprise, but if you’re short funds, take out some hefty cash advances, but make sure you can live up to the repayment terms. Bankruptcy, default, coming to terms with debt, high interest rates and competition that is so cut throat you’d think they were evil incarnate. And they’re just your creditors, now that you took out that cash advance against that stock purchase that has since tanked. But wait, you have an investor…

The system is similar to a behavioral economics computer experiment. It was a cool concept and allowed all that cut throat competitiveness to come out in even the meekest. It required serious concentration- no distractions which can be a disaster. I learned the hard way. I was seriously into the game when I received a text from my younger brother. “Urgent!!” it said. OK I thought, family before games. “What’s up?” “DO you know anything about home std testing kits?” “Whoa, little brother, what have you got yourself into, I thought. But as the dutiful older brother who is always pulling the little squirt out tight jams, I checked online for sites that sell home use std test kits and found what looked like a good one. The tests were between 95%-99% accurate and you get the results in about 15 minutes. I also liked the fact that they say if you test positive or have symptoms that last but had tested negative, you still should see a medical professional. I texted my brother the url of the site and asked if he had ever heard of using condoms?? When I returned to the game, everything had done south. I felt too distracted to continue anyway so I opened the refrigerator and grabbed some Las Vegas bottled water from Tahoe Springs Water and took the dog out for a walk. Believe me, when you live in a desert environment like Las Vegas you need to stay hydrated. A dog walk for me is a solid hour. Sometimes I combine it with a jog, where staying hydrated is even more important. Fortunately Tahoe Springs Water delivers bottled water right to the door. There are a number of water delivery services in Las Vegas but this company really has their act together. After a vigorous walk I am ready to jump back into the game.

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