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The game is provided by Active Data Online Pty Ltd. It was designed in consultation with academic economists, MBAs, entrepreneurs and gamers. Each of these contributors helped to create this very intriguing and unique game. The game is a simulation game and the game play includes elements of business administration, finance, accounting, marketing, human resource management, company and contract law, business ethics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, behavioral economics and non-cooperative game theory.

The game was launched in April 2005. A launch party was held with business associates and friends. There were lots of stations to play this new game, and cheers over how much fun everyone seemed to have playing it. There were champagne toasts, snacks and as a departure from typical entertainment set up a silent auction with online gift baskets. Instead of offering money for a particular gift basket, a person could make a “bid” and those folks who did the best in the new game the end of the night had first dibs on the gift basket they had bid on. The gift baskets ranged from luxury wine gift baskets, to fruit gift baskets, delicious looking gourmet gift baskets filled with all sorts of savory and sweet treats, to chocolate lovers gift baskets. The actual gift basket containers weren’t just made from woven straw-like material that look like a basket. One of the gift baskets was actually an elegant leather tote bag, another looked like a metal tool carrier, some were towers of boxes tied with a huge ribbon. The wine gift baskets were really impressive. The wines were packaged in a handcrafted Napa “wine box” case designed to make a lasting impression. Active Data Online Pty Ltd branded the gift baskets with silver hang tags and imprinted ribbons the images from the game. It was a nice touch. The spa gift baskets were a huge hit with the ladies as were the new baby gift baskets. There were several expecting spouses at the party and their husbands became pretty competitive in order to “win” the “Welcome Home Baby” gift basket that new parents would need for bath time and nursery.

Daniella Hobson, one of the lead designers working on the game got a great surprise during the launch party. She is known as someone who wear a great deal of “blingy” rings, and earrings; often matching. Her favorite are pink cubic zirconia jewelry with silver or gold accents and her fun and flashy style is also reflected in her work as a designer. She’s one of those people who believe the way you do one thing is the way you do everything, and her attitude about her bling is: just a fabulous as a diamond but not as pricey and comes in better colors. This may seem like a strange philosophy to apply to anything else in life, but when it comes to getting a job done, she believes in efficiency without loss of quality. Anyway, her big surprise was that her boyfriend of 7 years proposed to her and OF COURSE he presented some very beautiful cz rings from her fav online spot. Tears of joy were shed and then a good amount of her flaunting her newest bling while friends and family tested out the new game.

Getting back to the game:
Some say, it is the most realistic, enjoyable and addictive business simulation. That commentary sounds kind of silly, but the realty or simulation games(sim games) are incredibly popular. Living an alternative life is thrilling.

We wonder now where the game is being played. Is it being used as a business tool to try out different strategies? Or has it become relegated to teenage kids who are obsessed with simulation games? Who knows…

Other tid bits of information :
The system is powered by Microsoft asp.net 2.0 and ajax.

Images in the user guide and on the front page of the site are licensed from iStock International Inc.

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