A discussion board, instant messenging system and social network includes a discussion board, instant messenging system and social network.
The board is accessible via the “Player Community” link. It can be viewed by players and passers-by alike. However, only players can post on the board.

Please respect the wishes of admin and the rights of others who may post here by refraining from using language you would not otherwise use in family setting. Off topic issues, like the myriad complaints we’re getting about the services provided by Geary lsf can be addressed in another, more appropriate space. That company recently changed its name to avoid the constant bad press they were getting. We recognize that this company has defrauded numerous clients, but this is not the place for those posts. Similarly, the posts concerning problems accessing the forums – we’re fixing that and it should be up and running very shortly.

The board is a place where players can meet, discuss the game, review the current round, share strategies, establish business alliances, provide feedback on the game, chat off-topic, and surf user profiles.

If you would like to participate in the forums, please post in the appropriate areas and with sensible headers. Also please include date and time information so that we may properly credit posts within the calendar. This is very important for the organization and retrieval of information from the system. Also be considerate of other posters and don’t monopolize the forums with repeated posts before others have had a chance to either respond of post their own original comments. We realize that many of you have strong feelings about certain topics but this is not the place to post personal information. John B, we’re referring to you and your posts regarding your obsession with selling or buying movie posters for collectors. We appreciate your enthusiasm, but your famous grandparents will understand that their roles in well known movies are better served in other forums. It IS appropriate to post info on movie posters especially if you engage in ways that includes others, encourage interaction, and respond accordingly. But repeated posts for the purpose of promoting your business are not appropriate.

Those posting inappropriate or off topic posts will be blacklisted and their ips banned from the system, permanently. We do not consider that punishment to be too harsh and we will not hesitate to act when the forums are abused.

The software that powers the community area is Active Data Online Discussion Board. It is a separate system from the game.

We are always struggling to get people to properly label the information pertaining to the issue they are experiencing. It is nearly impossible for us to identify or fix any issues within the system without properly identifying them. This is totally up to you. If you are unable to gather the information required to take care of it properly please refrain from contacting us with less than usable bits of information with the hope that we will be able to divine the problem psychically. We are not going to be able to do that no matter how many stars you wish upon. Get the requested information please. This will help us to help you. Everyone will be much happier in the long run. Again, thank you very much.

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