Earnings III

Financial Advisor
We have a lot of therapists on our list: physical, occupational, marriage and speech, to name a few. Think of a financial advisor as a money therapist. He or she provides guidance on how to spend and save your money. Expect 66,400 new openings for this position before 2020.

Computer Systems Administrator
Without the expertise of network and computer systems administrators, your office network would be hampered by a string of technological glitches. Aside from maintaining a healthy computer network, they also lend their tech knowledge to managing telecommunication networks. This profession is expected to add 96,600 new positions by 2020.

Respiratory Therapist
It’s simplistic to say these specialized practitioners are concerned with “breathing.” An RT’s purview could also extend to managing life support, administering anaesthesia, and stabilizing patients. The BLS forecasts nearly 30 percent employment growth in this career by 2020.

Civil Engineer
The concrete streets you walk, the asphalt highways your wheels caress, and the buildings you sit in were all planned by civil engineers. If you want to be the designer who keeps our society humming, this job is for you.

Substance Abuse Counselor
This is a stressful job where you’ll get up close and personal with some of our society’s ugliest issues. But this is also a rewarding position with good job security and room to grow. The most job openings will be for counselors willing to work in residential mental-health and substance-abuse facilities.

Medical Secretary
Medical secretaries become well-versed in insurance rules, billing practices, and hospital procedures. The reward for their diligence is job security, as the Labor Department projects 40 percent employment growth for this profession.

Speech-Language Pathologist
Most speech-language pathologist jobs require a master’s degree. And while in school, you should try to do as many field placements as possible. Having a little extra experience will help you to get hired for one of the approximately 28,000 new positions available.

Landscaper & Groundskeeper
Having a hard time telling the difference between a landscaper and a groundskeeper? Landscapers plant trees, shrubs, and flowers, fertilize plants, and construct outdoor walkways, patios, and fences to surround their handy work. Groundskeepers might also garden and plant, paint fences, clean swimming pools, shovel snow, and handle refuse removal.

Radiologic Technologist
Technologists use X-ray, computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment to assist physicians in diagnosing patients. As with other healthcare posts, this one will also expand—nearly 30 percent by 2020.

Cost Estimator
Before the first hammer is swung, a cost estimator must coordinate with engineers, architects, and construction managers to determine the technical, mechanical, and fiscal requirements of a project. These hyper-organized critical thinkers could see their workforce swell by 36 percent this decade.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
To do this job well, you’ll have to master the technical, like using medical equipment and making sure the patient is properly placed to get a just-right image, as well as the social, like interacting with nervous patients awaiting information on a medical condition. Sonographers are expecting liberal openings for the next few years.

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