A place where ideas in business strategy can be tested is a simulation, a game and a social network.
For business schools, in particular MBA programmes, computer based simulations are an effective way to illustrate to students concepts in finance, accounting, marketing, supply chain management, HR, business administration, strategy, and economics.
For economists, especially academics working in the fields of experimental economics, game theory, and behavioural economics, computer based simulations are a form of research. Traditional macroeconomics examines phenonmena from statistical analyses of the economy. Traditional microeconomics examines phenonmena from the ground up using conjecture and mathematics. With the arrival of game theory (a field of mathematics that focuses on decision making within a group) and networked computers, some economists have taken microeconomics into the computer laboratory to observe behaviour and economic phenonmena. is a business simulation with a very strong foundation in game theory. In many ways, it is a giant economics computer laboratory.
To those who don’t have a business background, the game can be a means by which concepts in business administration and strategy can become familiar. To those who do, the game can be a place where ideas in business strategy can be tested and perhaps new strategies can be discovered. To those who are in the field of economics, the game can be a research tool. To those who like meeting and interacting with people online, the game makes it possible. To those who enjoy multi-player games, the game is that too.

* * Update * *

I have spent a lot of time on this project over the past few years. I am a firm believer in the system because I have seen the results first hand. Any one who uses this system will quickly & efficiently see what it is that the buzz is all about. The game has been created with certain goals in mind. A lot of thought & design went into it & anyone who is serious about improving these aspects of their own nature should jump into action as soon as possible & begin to play immediately.

Once again there is no reason anyone should even think twice about giving it a try. What is the worst that can happen? You might not proceed like they say you will? How bad would that be? You will have tried something with the potential to vastly improve your mental status & that cannot be a bad thing. What if it does work? Where would you be then? You will be starting a path designed to increase your potential & then help you to reach it as well. Get on board if you are not already this train is leaving the station & it will not be back anytime soon.

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