The objective of the game is to create and accumulate wealth.
The amount of money that a player makes depends on the player’s decisions and the decisions of other players in the game.

As in real life, there are short cuts that some lucky people have access to for no really good reason other than luck. And some of that is here as well. For example, you might be able to accumulate wealth through sheer luck – a lottery ticket might win this game, should other players concur to its existence! Less extreme, but still in the realm of lucking out might be an American who has a hot streak on a slot machine. Or maybe just being able to legally play these online slots in the USA from where gamblers are comfortable and having a very successful outing. Of course the other players may have to be involved, but winning by gambling is not ruled out. This would hold true for any gaming activity, whether in a casino, online, or a backroom poker game. The reason we mention slots here is that there is an online component that includes a web only slots game. And we know there are those on the leader board who used non-traditional techniques.

But the respected players win by being smart, finding and creating opportunities and then capitalizing on them, just as in the real world of business… and life. Winning by hard work is actually fun!

For instance if you are part of a law firm of maritime attorneys you need to aggressively seek out US maritime workers who have been seriously injured while working aboard US vessels that are acceptable under the rules of the Jones Act. Your law firm helps seamen, longshoremen, offshore workers and maritime workers protect their rights and secure compensation. What you really need is a maritime disaster like the Transocean Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in which a number of maritime workers were killed or were missing and presumed dead. Your clients or preferably clients are the surviving family members whose father / husband / son died. You goal is to see the maximum compensation for your clients by filing a filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

Lawsuits of this type tend to be settled with very high compensation packages of which the lawyers tend to get the largest share of the monies. Your lawsuit against the virtual Transocean and BP companies need to allege not only negligence but also that the companies failed to keep the vessel “seaworthy.” You will have to collect the evidence and present it convincingly before the court. Understanding and applying maritime law is complicated yet. You must thorughly understand how to apply The Jones Act provisions that offer equal protection for all maritime workers on water-going vessels from the tug boats of the Mississippi River, to the oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico to the fishing boats of Alaska. The Jones Act, originally referred to as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, formally codifies federal maritime law protections for injured maritime workers. The Jones Act allows workers such as your clients who have been injured in the course of work on a US flagged vessel through the negligence of a ship-owner, captain or fellow employees a federally recognized protection to recover compensation for damages including medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, diminished earning potential and, funeral expenses. There are time constraints in the game as well as for filling a Jones Act lawsuit. Make sure you know what they are.

In an actual 4 million dollar settlement, a plaintiff by the name of Dan Averette who was an oil field worker who was seriously injured while working on a Transocean Ltd. took home $159,000 for past medical expenses, $800,000 for future medical expenses, $314,000 for past loss of wages, $2.8 million for future loss of earning capacity, and $20,000 for physical pain and suffering, emotional pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. You have the opportunity to win this game so get going!

At the end of a round, which takes 8 years in game time, the system will liquidate all assets, subtract all liabilities, and rank players by the amount of cash that they have. The top 10 players in each economy will receive scoring points. (Premium account players are counted ahead of non premium account players.)
Competition results are recorded in the hall of fame.
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