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The most comprehensive, realistic and popular business simulation is a multi player online business game.
Players can establish companies, run a hedge fund, direct a company as the chairperson, recruit and dismiss staff, choose markets, set up business units (shops, factories, oil rigs, mines, livestock farms, crop farms, logging camps), deal with suppliers, decide on locations and transport, manage production, pay wages, set prices, innovate and differentiate products, carry out R&D, patent intellectual property, advertise, build brands, sell products, and sell services. Players can also buy and sell land, invest in real estate, borrow and lend through company bonds, issue shares, invest in shares for dividends, speculate in shares for capital gains, acquire and merge companies, execute hostile takeovers, create horizontal and vertical business conglomerates, buy market research, analyze balance sheets and profit and loss statements, monitor cash flow, examine financial ratios, view economic statistics, and base business decisions on the economy of the game such as interest rates, inflation, commodity supply shocks, and more. Money is accumulated and reinvested.

It’s really cool how granular the game can become. I created an online company that offered janitorial supplies. I styled the company on an actual company I use for buying janitorial products for the company I work for. However, I decided to make all my janitorial supply products to be earth friendly. Paper goods were all made from recycled paper and were biodegradable. They were also fragrance and ink free. The actual cleaning products used the most effective natural ingredients such as coconut-based cleaning agent, essential lemon oils, corn-based alcohol and other earth-based materials as their cleaning power derivatives. I also offered products free from harsh chemical fumes or chemical residue. Many other players showed their appreciation of my company’s “green” sensibility by buying copious amounts of janitorial supplies. I eventually created a successful vertical business conglomerate. Go Green!

Players can be responsible and reinvest their earned monies back into their businesses or they could take some of their profit and instead have some fun gambling at an online slots website. If you are a “high roller,” the odds on $25.00 slot machines are generally significantly higher than the cheaper machines.A good rule of thumb when playing slots is the higher the stakes you play, the better chance of winning. Just as there are a lot of strategies to playing Perfect Competition, there are a lot of online slot machine strategies based on changing bet amounts, bankroll management, or even just plain and sometimes silly superstitions. Such strategies are great for having fun, but none of them will actually improve the odds of winning at online US slot machines. Perhaps slots is not your game. You can also spend your Perfect Competition profits at online poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, or any of the other myriad gambling games that are available.

My personal favorite is online poker. I’m always amazed that too many players still play under the incorrect assumption that poker is a game of luck. All poker games are games of percentages and probability. I suspect some of the best Perfect Competition players are also pretty good poker players. Just as poker odds has its importance in deciding actions in poker play since it is one important element, which can help players make right decisions so too is the examination of financial ratios, and the viewing of economic statistics important when making business decisions on the economy of the game.

Perfect Competition is the most comprehensive, realistic and popular business simulation.

The game is played online in real time via a web browser. Players can join in, leave and return at any time.
The objective of the game is to create and accumulate wealth. The amount of money that a player makes depends on the player’s decisions and the decisions of other players in the game.

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